CANVAS Connect

The Layer 2 Scaling Solution for DeFi, using Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Unlocking DeFi with fast, gas free transactions to all major Ethereum dApps.

Welcoming the next 1 billion people to DeFi.



CANVAS Connect is a Layer 2 Scaling solution using Starkware's Zero-Knowledge proofs to batch DeFi transactions and remove the need for individuals to pay gas fees.

CANVAS Connect solves one of the biggest economic challenges of using Ethereum; the prohibitively high and unpredictable gas costs required to execute DeFi tranasctions.

CANVAS Connect manages all on-chain operations and delivers a seamless user experience.

CANVAS connect is trustless and inherits all the security of Ethereum.

CANVAS Connect unlocks access to DeFi to the next 1 billion people.

DeFi Destinations

Executing a DeFi transaction on Ethereum is expensive, its like flying on a private jet with all gas costs paid by one user.

Gas costs are prohibitively expensive, which reduce yield and price out small transactions.

CANVAS Connect acts like a commercial airline for DeFi where transactions become passengers sharing flights to popular Layer 1 Ethereum DeFi destinations. It's like splitting the bill and making it cheaper for everyone.

CANVAS Connect delivers DeFi as it should be, with instant transactions and ultra-low-fees.

All without compromising on the security of Ethereum.
product features

Unlocking access to DeFi

Gasless DeFi transactions.
Access the largest markets and deepest liquidity of Ethereum without concern for gas costs.
The most popular DeFi destinations.
CANVAS Connect is composable with all Layer 1 Ethereum dApps.

New destinations are added regularly
Fiat Onramps. (Soon)
Canvas Connect is integrated with leading fiat on ramps.

On ramps settle trades directly to Layer 2, bypassing all Layer 1 gas costs.

Connect in action

Step 1
Deposit Funds
Step 2
Choose DeFi Destination
Step 3
Buy and Sell Gas Free

Get Started with CANVAS Connect

It’s as easy as;
1. Connect your Wallet
2. Transfer funds to L2 (now)
or Deposit Fiat Funds (soon)
3. Choose from a range of DeFi destinations