About Us



Canvas is a global blockchain company with a mission to digitise finance. Canvas offers tokenised capital market infrastructure that enables financial institutions and governments to easily expand their reach into the digital economy.

Canvas’ privacy focused Layer 2 ZK-Rollup, built for finance, extends the capabilities of Ethereum by assuring security,  high speed and low costs.

Seamlessly integrated into the L2, Canvas are a range of products for Capital Markets enabling Transfer, Trade and Investment of digital assets. These solutions enhance the value of the platform and provide a more comprehensive solution to users, making it faster, easier and cheaper to transact on Ethereum.

By leveraging emerging technologies like Zero Knowledge Proofs and Layer 2 networks, Canvas is able to provide the critical infrastructure needed by governments, financial institutions and corporates as they begin to adopt Digital Assets & trade digital securities in the Digital Economy.

Unlike public blockchains such as Ethereum, Canvas Layer 2 technology provides assurances of privacy, confidentiality, high speed, and low cost. This includes solutions for Exchanges, markets, digital asset management, blockchain-based applications, and CBDC-enabled platforms.

With a deep understanding of financial markets and the digital economy, Canvas is committed to driving the digital transformation of banks, financial institutions and governments in the modern landscape. By providing innovative solutions that are faster, more secure, and more cost-effective than traditional systems, Canvas is helping to unlock the potential of digital finance globally.

CANVAS was created in the belief that like the rise of the internet and e-commerce, Blockchain, Digital Currencies & Tokenised Assets will radically transform financial and capital markets over the next decade with trillions of dollars of securities and currencies to be tokenized and traded 24/7/365.

Our company mission

“To create financial infrastructure for the digital economy enabling the next billion blockchain users”.

Our company core purpose

“To build a financial environment to bring people and opportunities closer together”.

The 4 belief pillars we live by are:

Treat It Like You Own It

We want people to treat this business like it’s their own. Take responsibility for their actions, their work and their attitudes. We can only change the world if we all turn up every day as the best versions of ourselves and leave the business and our customers in a better place than we found them that morning.
Say No To Isolation

We are a team, we look up, we look around, we care more than others, we care more for others, we learn from others and our eyes are always on the horizon. We know ideas come from people’s experience and different backgrounds. We trust each other to deliver on what we say we will.
Every Problem Has A Solution, Let’s Hustle!
We are a yes and business. Action trumps inaction every day and done is better than perfect. Through our experience, drive, innovative attitudes and relentless urge to succeed we will always find a solution.
What’s Coming Up Is More Important Than What’s Happened
We are a yes and business. Action trumps inaction every day and done is better than perfect. Through our experience, drive, innovative attitudes and relentless urge to succeed we will always find a solution.

Meet The Executive Team

The executive team are all highly experienced FinTech entrepreneurs and investors. They have deep domain knowledge and a passion for technology, finance and blockchain.

David Lavecky


David is a highly experienced technology entrepreneur and investor, currently serving as CEO and Co-Founder of CANVAS; a fintech company that is transforming investment opportunities by offering clients a gateway to the Web3 economy of Blockchain, Digital Assets, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and NFTs.


Daniel Lavecky


Daniel is a committed entrepreneur and successful business executive with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He brings innovative thinking and strong leadership skills to the boardroom, having founded one of Australia’s first high-growth fintech companies.


Tim Moddel


Tim is a highly experienced technologist, he has long been interested in Blockchain technology and in 2016 began exploring blockchain start-ups and technologies as an investor. He believes these new technologies represent a paradigm shift that will radically transform the world of finance and many other industries over the next decade.