CANVAS Connect

A confidentiality focused Layer 2 ZK-Rollup built for finance.
Enabling the Transfer, Trade & Investment of Digital Assets
with assurances of security, high speed & low fees.

Built in collaboration with StarkWare
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Confidentiality for the
Digital Economy

CANVAS Connect is our Confidentiality focused Layer 2 ZK-Rollup enabling the Transfer, Trade & Investment of digital assets with assurances of security, high speed & low cost.

At CANVAS we are on a mission to create the financial infrastructure for the digital economy enabling the next billion blockchain users.
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Why use CANVAS Connect?

CANVAS Connect solves the challenges facing mainstream adoption of Blockchain by making transactions secure, confidential, fast & low cost.
Confidential - ensuring data is only available to those that need it
No congestion & surge pricing
No fee token –
spend the entire amount in your wallet
API First - Supporting easy integration and fast go live.
Secure – utilizing the Ethereum security layer and ZK Rollups from StarkWare
Trades, investments and transfers in real-time
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Why Join the CANVAS Connect Ecosystem?

Ecosystem Partners

CANVAS Connect enables you to easily add value to your existing platform by increasing transaction volume. Integration is simple using our APIs and SDKs.


DeFi is in high demand by clients, but high fees associated with transacting means that most investors are priced out of the market. CANVAS Connect’s low transaction costs opens up new client opportunities and revenue opportunities for your business.

CANVAS connect gives you simple APis and SDKs to allow your business to offer DeFi to your clients through your existing website and mobile apps.

DeFi Destinations

CANVAS Connect’s low fees open up new market opportunities for your project. Receive millions of low value transactions from customers that you wouldn’t normally have access to due to gas fees.

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