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As a regulated, institutional-grade gateway to Web3 we connect people and opportunities, offering an easy and simple path for our clients to take advantage of digital investment strategies without the traditional layers of complexity.

Our Solutions Explained

We offer an institutional-grade, secure solution to diversifying your portfolio through Digital Assets & DeFi. We are your gateway to a world of instant, frictionless and highly liquid investments.
Access to DeFi
We provide a focussed and simple solution that allows you to access a powerful DeFi wallet without the headache that normally comes with it. Pick and choose from our extensive range of products, as well as research and reporting tools.
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Regulated DeFi
The DeFi ecosystem continues to expand exponentially, offering yields that far outweigh traditional finance opportunities. We bridge the gap between centralised and decentralised finance, offering the advantages of both worlds combined; the security of regulation, combined with the operational efficiency and freedom of crypto.
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Corporate Treasury
Large corporations are flocking to the opportunity to earn higher yields, maintain liquidity, gain real-time visibility of assets and diversify balance sheets. Via the purchase of stablecoins we can support corporate treasury teams to simply gain exposure to the yield generation opportunities being offered by crypto markets.
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Complete Digital Asset Management
Looking for an opportunity to integrate blockchain technology into your portfolio management capabilities? We don’t blame you. We have some of the most versatile crypto investment solutions for automating customisable strategies and managing multiple portfolios in one place. Easy to onboard and service, we partner with you to ensure you can measure and optimise your clients performance in real-time.
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NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) offer an exciting opportunity to connect to the global market in an exciting way. NFTs currently form part of the gaming landscape, digital art, sports collectibles and real-world assets. Whether you want to improve your existing project or launch a new one, we will put you at the helm of creating, distributing and integrating NFTs into your portfolio.
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White Label & APIs
Our tech stack allows for easy integration and the opportunity to scale to meet the demands of your business. We offer convenient and reliable access to tokens, DeFi protocols and applications with the backing of institutional-grade security. Our experts have - and will continue to - curate the newest and best points of entry into the DeFi market. The result? An all-around DeFi solution for institutions.
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We Are Relentlessly Committed To

Vault-like Encryption
CANVAS secures Digital Assets using Multi Party Computation (MPC) wallets. Security of assets at rest is paramount, so we prioritise securely storing your assets.
Institutional Grade Security
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure we offer institutional grade security for storage and handling of all assets.
Industry Best Practices
We are compliant and perpetually motivated to ensure we offer the safest and most ethical products and solutions to our clients.