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The Web3 economy of Blockchain, Digital Assets, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and NFTs will be the drivers of a paradigm shift in tech and will radically transform financial and capital markets. Where the internet digitised information, Web3 will revolutionise the way we interact, trade and share digital assets.

CANVAS exists to be a gateway to this new world, providing participants with a regulated, institutional-grade platform to safely and securely trade in the Web3 economy.

Investors use CANVAS on ramps to OTC, exchange and custody and insurance solutions to easily and securely execute a range of investment strategies in Web3.

We are the safe pair of hands you have been looking for.

The security of your assets is our top priority and we know the success is in the detail. We agonise over every stitch of the CANVAS offering to bring you the best, most secure platform.
We provide access to the world of DeFi and Web3 without compromising on institution-required security or compliance as we know achieving our goal of making DeFi accessible to more people relies on a tireless commitment to data privacy and top tier security measures. 

We Are Relentlessly Committed To

Vault-like Encryption
CANVAS secures Digital Assets using Multi Party Computation (MPC) wallets. Security of assets at rest is paramount, so we prioritise securely storing your assets.
Institutional Grade Security
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure we offer institutional grade security for storage and handling of all assets.
Industry Best Practices
We are compliant and perpetually motivated to ensure we offer the safest and most ethical products and solutions to our clients. 

Our DeFi Ecosystem Explained

Use our regulated platform to invest, earn interest and securely manage your digital assets.

We’ve made investing easy by eliminating the need for an expert level of knowledge in order to be able to begin your digital investment journey.
On Ramp to DeFi
We provide a turnkey solution that allows you to access DeFi without the complexity that normally comes with it. Sign up, deposit funds and choose from a curated list of DeFi investment strategies. Monitor and manage your portfolio using the Canvas Dashboard

We are here to make DeFi accessible to everyone.
EARN with DeFi
Owning Digital Assets is just the beginning. DeFi unlocks a whole range of ways to grow your portfolio through interest and rewards. Easily execute a range of advanced DeFi strategies such as crypto lending, liquidity providing, staking, yield farming and more.
Easily allocate capital to process transactions on blockchain networks in return for a share of the transaction fees paid by the users of these blockchains. You can think of this as the new and more environmentally friendly version of operating a blockchain network that increases your opportunity for rewards.
Custody & Insurance
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to offer secure, institutional-grade custody for all assets held on our platform. Be certain your assets at rest are always protected.
Our real-time dashboard gives you an instant view of your digital assets and investments. We simplify a world of complicated information in our web and mobile apps to give you access to transparent reports and analytics that draw on live chain data and it is beautifully visualised in one place.

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3. Execute your investment strategy.
4. EARN, trade and rebalance your portfolio.

Our Team Of Experts Are Here To Support You

We help you understand the digital asset and DeFi landscape.
We want to help you securely and easily invest.
We drive your learning of this new and fast evolving asset class by researching and curating strategies to support your investment style.