Fireblocks Now Supports CANVAS Connect the privacy focused Layer 2, Enabling Confidential and Encrypted Transactions On Ethereum.
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Introducing Canvas AI

Simplifying powerful interactions with
tokenised finance.

Canvas AI enables the use of natural language to simply execute transactions, gain deep insights, ensure regulatory compliance, and expedite integration into the Canvas Connect ecosystem.
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Our ChatGPT plug-in creates a richer user experience and simplifies transactions with tokenised assets.

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Conversational Commerce

Say It, Send It: Effortless Transactions Through Conversational Commerce.

CANVAS AI natural language model uses generative AI to easily conduct financial transactions of any tokenised asset such as CBDCs, ERC20 tokens, stablecoins and other tokenised real-world assets.
Some examples of commands include:
"Set up a payment to my supplier Globex Corp for $25,000.”
“Execute an FX transaction: buy 5,000 Euros using USDC at the best available rate.“
Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Gain powerful insights into portfolios and positions with AI powered Analysis, Data, Research and market trends to optimise your financial position.

CANVAS AI can analyse current positions, market trends, economic indicators, and other relevant data models to gain powerful insights into performance. This enables data driven trading decisions and portfolio optimisation.
Examples of commands include:
“What’s the current balance of all my assets across all my wallets, and how has this composition changed from last month?”
"Analyse our repeating and upcoming invoices that are in foreign currency and prepare transactions to hedge our exposure"
“Analyse my upcoming travel plans and predict the FX requirements for these destinations.“
“What are my top 3 performing assets over the last 3 months, and why?”
Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Powerful Developer Tools to simplify and speed up integration

Our advanced AI-driven developer tools make integration seamless, faster, and more efficient. From constructing complex financial transactions to managing tokenised assets, our tools empower developers to build and expand on the Canvas Connect platform with ease and confidence.

Designed with developers in mind, our interface provides dynamic solutions to accelerate the development process. Be it generating a code snippet for making a transfer request or understanding the required fields for executing an FX trade through the Canvas Connect SDK - our tools are tailored to make your experience simpler and more efficient.

By offering command examples and support, we allow developers to focus on their unique ideas, pushing boundaries of what's possible with digital finance. Harness our tools today and turn your innovative vision into a reality with Canvas Connect.
Examples of commands include:
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Generate a code snippet for making a transfer request to the Canvas Connect API.
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"What are the required fields for making an FX trade through the Canvas Connect SDK?"

Regulatory Compliance, Risk Assessment and Fraud Detection

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
CANVAS AI assists financial institutions comply with regulatory requirements by identifying potential regulatory breaches, ensuring transaction transparency, and producing necessary reporting.
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Risk Assessment
CANVAS AI can assess the risk of various investments and transactions by quickly analysing market data, transaction history, smart contract security and other relevant information. Allowing you to make informed decisions and mitigate exposure to risk.
Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection
CANVAS AI algorithms can analyse transaction data in real time and flag suspicious patterns that might indicate fraudulent activity. This improves the security and reliability of transactions, and creates a sense of trust.

Personalised service and enhanced user experience.

CANVAS AI allows for a personalised user experience, where the AI learns from previous interactions to anticipate user needs, offer assistance, or make recommendations. This level of personalisation, combined with the convenience of carrying out transactions within a conversation, significantly enhances customer satisfaction and engagement.