Exchange assets directly from your wallet, utilising the deepest liquidity pools – without gas fees.
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Trade on your terms

Easily swap from one cryptocurrency to another via a user-friendly interface on a single network.

No gas fees mean that you can trade as often as you like.

Quickly get in and out of positions - even in times of high demand.

No more missed opportunities

  • No time consuming multi-step processes which take you to several different networks.
  • Trade the entire amount in your wallet.
  • Trade quickly without worrying about having sufficient funds for gas fees and tokens.
Which means up to 99% lower transaction costs.
Trade as much or as little as you want
No gas fees or gas tokens means you don’t have worry about fees.
No surge pricing
We don’t take advantage of investors when there is high demand.
No Gas Token
You can trade the entire balance of your wallet without any nasty surprises.

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CANVAS Connect Trade Features

Quick and simple integration through our APIs and SDKs
Trade in real time with no gas fees
Access deep liquidity pools
Transactions secured by Ethereum

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