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Through our industry leading staking platform, CANVAS provides clients with the ability to “stake” their cryptocurrency holdings to EARN rewards, whilst still maintaining long term exposure to the underlying asset.

What is proof of stake?

A cryptocurrency blockchain is created when networks of computers run a shared version of software with common rules that govern the exchange of information. Proof-of-Stake (POS), is a type of algorithm run by these shared computers that determines how agreement will be achieved on exchanges ofa given cryptocurrency.
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How can I EARN?
Network staking is the practice of “locking” a specific cryptocurrency asset into a special contract on a POS blockchain so that it can be selected to process transactions and perform roles necessary for the maintenance of that blockchain’s history. In return for this, the holder of these assets is rewarded with new cryptocurrency generated by the blockchain.
How is staking environmentally friendly?
This new technology helps to achieve more secure blockchains with drastic reductions in power consumption required to operate; up to 99% less power is consumed. EARN and do the right thing by the environment; good thanks!
How much can I expect to EARN?
Annually you can expect to make 4-15% interest on this type of investment. Interest is paid out automatically as days. Staking rewards are accumulated for each validated transaction on a blockchain - the larger your staked investment, the better the rewards!

We are the safe pair of hands you have been looking for

The security of your assets is our top priority and we know the success is in the detail. We agonise over every stitch of the CANVAS offering to bring you the best, most secure platform.

We provide access to the world of DeFi and Web3 without compromising on institution- required security or compliance as we know achieving our goal of making DeFi accessible to more people relies on a tireless commitment to data privacy and top tier security measures.

We are relentless committed to;
Institutional Grade Security
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure we offer institutional grade security for storage and handling of all assets.
Vault-like Encryption
Your private keys are encrypted we are the safe paid of hands. We value our clients privacy, so we prioritise securely storing your date.
Industry Best Practices
We are compliant and perpetually motivated to ensure we offer the safest and most ethical products and solutions to our clients.

Why should I stake my assets with CANVAS?

We offer our clients:
Instant rewards
Industry leading APY returns
An easy and secure way to
EARN a passive income

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Staking is an excellent choice for investors who are new to DeFi. It’s as easy as;
1. Complete your electronic onboarding
2. Deposit your funds or transfer Digital Assets
3. Get staking and EARN
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