Protect sensitive transaction information and comply with regulatory requirements.
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Harness the power of public blockchains with privacy for financial peace of mind

We understand the need for financial institutions and governments to protect client sensitive information and comply with regulatory compliance requirement.

CANVAS Connect is built with privacy at the forefront and ensures that financial institutions can move confidently into the digital economy whilst providing their clients with a higher level of security and confidentiality, and comply with regulatory requirements related to data privacy and protection.

Your clients’ privacy matters to us, and we're committed to protecting it.

Protect client privacy whilst benefiting from efficiencies of blockchain
Protect your customers’ privacy whilst harnessing the power of public blockchains for capital market infrastructure.
Enhanced Security
The privacy layer protects sensitive transaction information whilst maintaining the security features of Ethereum.
Improved Flexibility
Provide greater flexibility for users who may wish to keep certain aspects of their financial activity private.
Achieve compliance
with ease and confidence
Fulfill AML and KYC regulations and ensure regulatory compliance while still protecting the privacy of their customers.
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