Layer 2 Confidentiality
for the
Digital Economy

CANVAS unlocks Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and enables
everyone to access the Future of Finance

Our Ecosystem

CANVAS provides scalable infrastructure to access Web3.
CANVAS Connect
The Zero Knowledge Proof Layer 2 Scaling solution for DeFi. Unlocking DeFi with gas free transactions to all major Ethereum dApps.
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We bridge the gap between centralised and decentralised finance, offering infrastructure to access the Future of Finance

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About DeFi

Imagine a finance ecosystem without traditional financial intermediaries, this potential becomes reality in DeFi. This new blockchain technology offers global and comprehensive financial services that are cheaper, faster, and more accessible.
DeFi services are based upon autonomous software that utilises smart contracts, these initiate event based transactions between users in-real-time and around the world. These services have successfully replicated traditional financial services such as borrowing, lending, and exchanging assets, as well as more sophisticated services such as insurance, options, futures and self-balancing indexes. All of this is facilitated in a permissionless fashion without the involvement of any financial intermediaries.
DeFi TVL is on Ethereum L1
4.5 million wallets interacted with DeFi.
Ethereum settled over $11.6 trillion in transaction volumes, surpassing Visa.


Infinite Scalability
We build to enable the next
1 billion users to participate in DeFi.
Removing Cost
We focus on eliminating network fees to maximise yield.
Simple Integration
As an API first platform, we abstract away all the complexity of web3, providing the quickest path to DeFi.